How to Take Care of Your Cat or Kitten

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A guidebook on practical information for responding to the daily tasks and responsibilities of having and taking care of a cat.

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Feline Expert

This book is a small and handy tool for anyone who is wanting to learn more about raising and taking care of their cat. Here are a few of the many questions answered in the book.

  • What is an unexpected benefit that spaying or neutering can have for your male cat?
  • How do you properly introduce cats to make for a happy multi-cat household?
  • How can you safely hold and calm a cat who doesn’t want this interaction to take place?
  • What nutritional ingredient is missing from tuna that your cat needs?
  • How do you properly transition a kitten as you wean her to solid food?

The Author

DENISE FLECK is an award-winning author & radio show host and animal care instructor who developed the curriculum for her Pet First-Aid & CPCR Classes after training with dozens of schools and organizations, practicing, attending seminars and practicing some more.

Her work has appeared in Dog Fancy, Dogs USA, Dog Days in LA, Paw Print, Dog Sport, and The Pet Press.


  • Dog First Aid & CPR
  • Cat First Aid & CPR
  • How to Take Care of Your Dog or Puppy
  • How to Take Care of Your Cat or Kitten

Book Chapters

Chapter 1

Choosing The Cat Who Will Own You

Chapter 2

You Cat’s Basic Needs

Chapter 3

Proper Identification

Chapter 4

Creating A Safe Home For Your Cat or Kitten

Chapter 5

Understanding and Modifying Feline Behavior

Chapter 6

Indoor Cats vs. Outdoor Cats

Chapter 7

Look & Feel Your Cat Over…

Chapter 8

Proper Nutrition

Chapter 9

Cat Dental Care

Chapter 10


Chapter 11

First Aid

Chapter 12

Dealing with Death


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Chapter 3 – Proper Identification

Chapter 7 – Proper Identification

What Will You Get

How to Take Care of Your Cat or Kitten – EPUB & Paperback COMBO


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“A wealth of valuable information in clear, compact form. Every pet owner should have a copy.”

Dr. Liz Koskenmaki


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